The Community Work Programme and Rural Skills Centre

The CWP Programme

The government funded Community Work Programme (CWP) has also provided support towards the development of sustainable livelihood opportunities. This programme provides stipends for 8 days per month. The BI has participated in the programme since 2010. It has enabled us to train and employ community members across all our programmes including ECD practitioners, home-based care providers, security guards, gardeners, school and road infrastructure repair and maintenance, fencing, environmental preservation and alien vegetation removal.

The Rural Skills Centre

The CWP programme has also been a support in the development of our Rural Skills Centre. The Rural Skills Centre focusses on developing the abilities of participants to solve everyday problems that cause suffering in our community, such as installing and fixing guttering for rain water harvesting, protecting mud huts from the summer rains, carpentry, amongst a range of other life-improving skills. The building has been expanded into a Workshop and Training Centre for all our staff and community training workshops, meetings and events.

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