Vulindlela Scholarship Programme

The scholarship programme finances the schooling of 7 children from our community to attend a good school in Mthatha from grade 1 to at least grade 12. The fund finances all schooling, living and traveling expenses. The children on the Vulindlela Scholarship Programme are progressing well and are currently in Grade 6 at Vela in Mthatha. We continue to support the children and parents financially and otherwise to ensure their success as they progress further. Through the scholarship fund we hope to raise a group of role models and activists for education – they are indeed developing into excellent role models in the community.

The cost of school fees and living expenses for each child to attend a good quality school in Mthatha is R25 000 ($1785) per child per year for all costs, including school fees, uniforms, travel and living expenses.

How you can help:

  1. Make a regular monthly contribution to the scholarship fund (minimum R100). The necessary forms are available on our donate page. Monthly contributions will help us to plan for each child’s monthly needs and invest and grow the fund for future generations.
  2. Make a once-off contribution via our website using your credit or debit card.
  3. Select the Bulungula Incubator as your My School Woolworths beneficiary (apply for a new card at or add the Bulungula Incubator as a beneficiary on your existing card at– a percentage of all your Woolworths purchases will go to the fund.
  4. Leave a lasting legacy – leave a bequest in your will to the Scholarship fund. No need to make any changes to your will, just complete the form downloadable from our website to sign the codicil.
  5. Pass this document to friends and family who may be interested and encourage them to make a pledge.

We will send you:

Information and regular updates on the progress of the children who become beneficiaries of the fund. You would be able to meet them here at Bulungula, meet their families and introduce them to your children, creating an opportunity for the children of our country to build the bridges we need to strengthen our nation and our world.