BI in the News

BI in the News

Media exposure for our work is invaluable for developing a broader awareness of the challenges our communities are faced with. Throughout the years, our community and work has been recognised and covered in the news. For deeper understanding and to keep informed, read our coverage below.

Bulungula College: Impacting Generational Change featured in Independent Eduction Magazine Autumn 2022 

The Tyranny of Distance: How to Vaccinate South Africa’s Most Remote Village by VICE World News

Our Health Programme has been recognised and nominated as “Community Champion of the Year” by Daily Maverick for our efforts and success in vaccinating our community 

SA’s COVID Vaccine Drive — 5 Problems and Solutions from Rural South Africa by Bhekisisa Centre for Health Journalism  

(VIDEO) Risky Ride to the Clinic by eNews Channel Africa

South Africa Rollout Lays Bare Vaccine Struggle in Developing World by The Irish Times

isiXhosa ‘storyboards’ bring Covid vaccine campaign to life in rural Eastern Cape by Daily Maverick

Handling Covid-19 with no government clinic in sight by New Frame

South African rollout lays bare vaccine struggle in developing world by Financial Times

Inside South Africa’s Eastern Cape: hard hit and hard to vaccinate by ITV News

(PODCAST) The Endearing Elders of the Eastern Cape by Don’t Shoot the Messenger (Podcast)

Tips on How to Protect the Elderly in a Pandemic by Coronavirus Monitor