Preconception to Career


Promote early childhood development through a series of programs that support the education and care of learners throughout their student-lifetime.

Health & Nutrition

Ensure access to necessary healthcare for members of the community and run quality programs to promote health and wellness.

Sustainable Livelihoods

Support and promote the generation of a local economy that uses the valuable assets in the region to create local jobs and opportunities.

Vibrant Villages

Promote growth and vibrancy of youth through sport, art, and cultural programmes.

What’s News

Turning the tide: Our journey from crisis to hope in the fight against HIV/AIDS

Photo: Nomakhaya (community health worker) delivers HIV treatment to community member, 2023. In the early 2000s, our community was in the grip of one of its darkest periods, overshadowed by the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS. One community member recounts dozens of...

Announcing: Bulungula Incubator monthly webinar series

At Bulungula Incubator, our mission is to be a catalyst for the creation of vibrant and sustainable rural communities. Our approach as an 'incubator' is not just about initiating projects but about sharing the wealth of knowledge we have amassed over the years. This...

Final exam time for Bulungula College class of 2023

At Bulungula College, the Matric exams are a significant milestone for our learners and community. Only five years ago, our area had no high school, which led to a staggering 95% of learners dropping out before reaching grade 12. In the 2023 class, half will be the...

Op-ed: Second Chance — supporting young people to rewrite matric can unlock their economic potential

A growing number of young people are leaving school without passing their matric exams, the entry-level qualification for many jobs. Yet, learners who fail can rewrite their exams for a second chance at graduating from high school. Realistically, however, this is...

School-embedded tutoring programme to improve mathematics

South Africa's educational landscape, particularly in rural and under-resourced areas, has historically been marred by inequalities that persist today. Many schools grapple with a dearth of essential resources, a shortage of well-trained teachers, and less-than-ideal...

Playgroups: a simple, cost-effective early childhood development project

Young children learn through play. It is an essential and natural part of their early development. In our community, our Nomakhayas facilitate playgroups for young children (aged 0-3) twice a week. Through play, children develop problem-solving skills as they stack...

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