Preconception to Career


Promote early childhood development through a series of programs that support the education and care of learners throughout their student-lifetime.

Health & Nutrition

Ensure access to necessary healthcare for members of the community and run quality programs to promote health and wellness.

Sustainable Livelihoods

Support and promote the generation of a local economy that uses the valuable assets in the region to create local jobs and opportunities.

Vibrant Villages

Promote growth and vibrancy of youth through sport, art, and cultural programmes.

What’s News

Going digital: Migrating to tablet-based data collection for a streamlined approach

Over the last few years, we have been developing our data system so that we can use it to accurately measure the impact of our projects. This year, we are excited to implement our new (and very improved) tablet-based data collection method.  Every month, our...

Changing up our approach to increase literacy outcomes

At Bulungula Incubator, we measure our projects' success by their positive impact on our beneficiaries over the long term. Since starting our organisation in 2007, we have had projects that flourish and others that simply don't.  But, we don't get bogged down by...

Our 2023 Matric learners are ready to follow in big footsteps

As we finish term one, our Bulungula College 2023 Matrics signify their commitment to their studies at our annual and vibrant ‘Tying the Knot Ceremony’.   Each learner receives their Matric necktie from their parent or caregiver with the support of the school and...

Unlock the potential of South Africa’s youth: Hire our skilled JSEP graduates today!

Are you looking for reliable and skilled workers for your business? Our newest Job Skills and Entrepreneurship Programme (JSEP) graduates are equipped and ready to start their first job. Our programme trains youth from our community to develop their skillsets and gain...

The power of community radio in rural communities

Even with the proliferation of communication platforms and technology, radio remains our community’s foolproof solution for connection, information and entertainment—almost every home you visit will have a battery-powered radio. You will find the coveted device up...

How our rural way of life is a model for environmental sustainability

Our rural community's lack of access to basic resources, such as electricity or running water, presents some of our most pressing challenges. Yet, this circumstance makes our community's lifestyle inherently environmentally sustainable. In many rural and remote...

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