Our Approach

Preconception to Career

The philosophy that there is no silver bullet that represents a path out of poverty means that the BI ensures ‘inclusion of all’ runs through the design, implementation and management of our projects. We take on the challenge to provide access for ALL, the poorest of the poor and those most often excluded. 

An excellent relationship with traditional leadership and the community as a whole has been key to our success.

An elected Community Forum works with the BI on strategic development of projects, along with a full-time Community Liaison Officer. 

Every project elects a Project Committee, which is trained on project management and liaising with local government departments. (Considering that 95% of our community never graduated from high school, this skill-building has been highly empowering.)

Members of our local communities are part of BI’s senior governance – community representation on our Board of Directors is enshrined in the BI’s constitution.

As an “incubator”, we host partner organisations to take advantage of the infrastructure in place and our community’s insight to initiate new projects. 

Beyond our geographic area, we’ve had several notable successes in sharing insights including: collaboration on the development of national government policy for the provision of ECD; a successful legal case that required government to provide rural ambulances; documenting for scale our online learning programme; and strengthening our relationship with the Department of Health for our Health Point to become an accredited fixed outreach site of Nkanya Clinic . 

The BI takes pride in our work of building innovative strategies, in partnership with our communities, government departments and other organisations, to walk the path together through the last mile as we deliver in each focus area of our Preconception to Career strategy.

Our strategy has enabled us to scale the depth of our work for our direct beneficiaries, who number over 10,000 people. Our community’s children now benefit from home-based care, clinic services, education, vocational training, online learning, access to basic services, youth programmes and income generation for their care givers. Providing these services is achieved at a cost of R1,500 per person per year. 


Promote early childhood development through a series of programs that support the education and care of learners throughout their student-lifetime.

Health & Nutrition

Ensure access to necessary healthcare for members of the community and run quality programs to promote health and wellness.

Sustainable Livelihoods

Support and promote the generation of a local economy that uses the valuable assets in the region to create local jobs and opportunities.

Vibrant Villages

Promote growth and vibrancy of youth through sport, art, and cultural programmes.


The aim for the Education Programme is to ensure the Xhora Mouth Community has and values access to quality education that will enable our people to live a happy, empowered and productive life.

We have programmes in Early Childhood Development (ECD) 0-3 at home, and 3-6 at four different ECD Centres; Mathematics and English supplementary through our e-learning iiTablet Tshomiz project at our government schools; and the first ever High School in our area to offer Matric diplomas, and vocational education & training (Job Skills Entrepreneurship Programme). 

Health & Nutrition

The aim for the Health & Nutrition Programme is to improve access to quality healthcare and nutrition so that the Xhora Mouth Community can be in the best of health.

Our integrated community health programme includes Community Health Workers (Nomakhayas), the Bulungula Health Point, and nutritious school meals.

The programme operates by providing health education and service linkage through community outreach, making use of Nomakhayas who monitor health in accordance with accepted indicators, and advocating for services for the vulnerable.

Our Bulungula Health Point is an accredited fixed outreach point of Nkayna Clinic. Our two Professionals Nurses provide primary healthcare, including immunisations, ART & chronic medication refills using the Central Chronic Medicines Dispensing and Distribution (CCMDD), acute consultations, and COVID-19 vaccinations. 

At our ECD sites, our Nomakhayas provide six monthly growth monitoring, development milestone assessment, deworming and vitamin A provision, along with annual vision and hearing screening. Each child eats two nutritous hot meals and a snack every day. We provide over 50,000 hot school meals for children 3-6 every year.

Sustainable Livelihoods

Through our Sustainable Livelihoods programme, we support Xhora Mouth community members by using the valuable assets in the region to create local jobs and opportunities in order to stimulate and strengthen the local economy.

Masilime Ngqo, our nursery, sells 6,000 seedlings per month to our community members. Our farmers are trained through an accredited course provided at our Job Skills Entrepreneurship Programme. 

Vibrant Villages

Vibrant Villages programme aims to enhance social cohesion so that people can enjoy creativity, self-expression, a healthy lifestyle, and respect for the environment.

Vibrant Villages is particularly aimed at our youth, many of whom have not completed Matric and/or are unemployed. We host sporting tournaments, talent shows, and other fun outreach days. We have a surf-therapy team, who use an evidence-based curriculum to promote mental and emotional wellness and wellbeing through surfing. 

Our Bulungula Community Radio (BCR) broadcasts from 6am until 12am daily, and employs nine DJs and a Station Manager. Content for the shows is developed with the support of the Bulungula Incubator, and includes current news, education and awareness, and (of course!) the hottest jams. Our broadcast reaches 78 surrounding villages.