91 Stories of Hope: “While it is easy to feel disheartened by the challenges facing us on so many fronts, there are extraordinary South Africans rising from all corners of our nation, and they’re driving positive change in all that they do. We are pleased to launch our series celebrating their immense contribution to society – the innovators, the business leaders, the visionaries and the rising stars.”

A message from Réjane Woodroffe, Bulungula Incubator Director and Founding Member

While we had our heads buried in sorting the overwhelming applications to Bulungula College this year 😵 we were forced to take pause and celebrate our inclusion in the 91 Stories of Hope 😍. A selection of inspiring stories that has us lined up after Raymond Ackerman, whose philanthropic heart lives on in the good work done by RAGA, a non-profit that opens opportunities for bright and under-resourced students, and Siya Kolisi and the Springboks! High praise indeed.

The Bulungula College, a project of the Bulungula Incubator, continues to provide the only access to high school education in our region. In the first 3 years after opening, it was a steep climb to developing the systems and building a team that could not only provide quality education in one of the poorest and most remote parts of the country but also adequately support learners who, through no fault of their own, have the significant gaps in their learning foundations.

After graduating its third matric class, the Bulungula College has maintained the top school spot in the Elliotdale District for two years running without receiving any subsidy from the Department of Education, which we continue to advocate for. In an area where almost all families live only on child grants or migrant wage remittances, the Bulungula College has to be a zero-fee school for now.

We hope this high praise will not only bring accolades but will translate into the support we need to continue our celebrated work and enable us to expand on the numbers of lives we impact.

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