Now We Enjoy the Harvest

We live in one of the most beautiful and fertile parts of the country where we have an opportunity to farm for food security and income generation. Therefore, one of the subjects offered at the Bulungula College is Agricultural Sciences. In addition to the theoretical curriculum, we have a strong emphasis on the development of practical farming skills.

Bulungula College Sport and Extra Curricula activities

In addition to excellent academic teaching, the Bulungula College has begun offering learners extra curricula activities including sport and creative activities. The College has partnered with the BI Vibrant Villages programme. this collaboration will enable sharing of programme resources, skills and information like learning about environmental issues, eco-schools and tourism. Each learner has been allocated … READ MORE

Shweshwe uniforms

The Bulungula College team wanted to do away with traditional uniform styles, add a little unique flair that reflects how special we think the Bulungula College is 🙂 and importantly keep costs down for parents and learners. We decided to ditch the old-style tie and add a bit of traditional African shweshwe fabric as a … READ MORE