Mindfulness in Bulungula

Mindfulness.. the psychological practice of self-awareness to ground in the present moment in order to create ease of mind. Mindfulness promotes a positive mindset, enhances focus, facilitates clarity of the mind, increases empathy and kindness, improves confidence, and eases stress. At Bulungula we have introduced mindfulness in our many different spaces to keep us happy and practice some … READ MORE

Zero Stunting Campaign

Our Zero Stunting Campaign began in 2015 when we first launched our Health Programme. The campaign was started to fight the prevalent issue of child stunting in our community. According to the WHO, child stunting is impaired growth and development of a child due to poor nutrition, repeated infection, or inadequate psychological stimulation (https://www.who.int/nutrition/healthygrowthproj_stunted_videos/en/).  In order … READ MORE

Partnerships for Accessible Dental Care

This week Dr. Kgomotso Lekalakala, from Zithulele Hospital, came to the Nqileni Health Point to administer general dentistry care to community members. Currently, we partner with dentist Dr. Themba Tsotso in Madwaleni who comes every two months, however, we have a high need for dental care in our community, so we have additionally partnered with … READ MORE

We’re Hiring!

We currently have two job vacancies at the Bulungula Incubator! Please see the listings below for more details. JOB ADVERTISEMENT: Maths Educator  Opportunity closing date: Wednesday, 13 November 2019  Opportunity Type: Employment  POSITION OBJECTIVE  The Bulungula Incubator seeks to appoint a Maths Educator based in Xhora Mouth Administrative Area, Elliotdale in the Eastern Cape. This position represents … READ MORE