A global education crisis, inflation, war, climate change, pandemic… the state of our world can feel alarming— and these are challenges added to the heap of issues we are already facing. In these difficult times, it is easy to feel pessimistic or apathetic about progress. 

We could quickly list 100 things that are troubling our community today. But today, we also fed over 300 kids at our preschools and high school nutritious meals; sold 200 seedlings at our nursery to grow vegetable gardens; provided primary healthcare for over 100 community members; and our community radio broadcasted news and entertainment to over 80 villages in our surrounding area.

We are moving forward every day. Change is possible

Until the 25th of September, the UN is challenging us to reimagine the narrative of our world, to #FlipTheScirpt and turn apathy into action. 

You can take action today by supporting our projects: share our solutions for rural development with other communities, partner with us, or donate.

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