The Bulungula Incubator is constantly engaged in the improvement of our management skills and the development of a deep base of quality leadership for the long term sustainability of the organisation and good succession planning. 80% of our management team is drawn from the local community in which we are located. Experienced managers are required to transfer skills, engage in active on-the-job training, provide opportunities for ongoing learning and study, where appropriate and develop succession pathways for their teams.  As part of this employee development practice, we engaged CDRA (Community Development Resource Association) to present an Organisational Capacity Development Workshop for our team. The workshop was well received: all managers engaged in the sessions enthusiastically and are energised to take the learnings to their individual teams. We covered topics including: ‘Revisiting the History and Vision of the Organisation’, ‘Developing a Theory of Change’, ‘The Action Learning Cycle’, ‘Effective Management’, ‘Getting the Best out of a Team of Diverse Personalities’

The Management Team have developed a way forward with concrete deliverables for the implementation of these newly learned and valuable tools.