At Bulungula College, the Matric exams are a significant milestone for our learners and community. Only five years ago, our area had no high school, which led to a staggering 95% of learners dropping out before reaching grade 12. In the 2023 class, half will be the first in their families to graduate, and many others have just a sibling or a single family member with a Matric certificate. Reaching this point is already a huge achievement.

The path, however, has been far from simple. The current class had missed almost an entire year of learning in grade 9 before entering Bulungula College due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have worked hard to bridge learning gaps, augmenting regular school classes with evening and weekend sessions for more focused study time.

We have noted the high levels of stress our learners face due to various pressures. To address this, we brought in a psychologist to provide one-on-one counselling and teach stress management techniques. Additionally, with final exams being particularly stressful, we have an on-site nurse to assist learners who may experience anxiety or panic attacks.

This approach has already shown positive results in our learners’ emotional readiness for their Matric exams. For instance, a learner who experienced distress during an exam was able to regain composure after consulting with the nurse and continued with their exam.

We are fully committed to equipping our learners with everything they need to succeed. As they approach the end of their school year, we wish them focus, calm, and strength. You got this!