Matric exams are underway at Bulungula College! This is will be Bulungula College’s second-ever graduating Matric class. 

We revved up exam preparation with our Final Push Matric Camp. For 6-weeks, our learners stay at Bulungula College to get extra study time with their teachers and peers. Of the 36 Matric learners, only six have a parent who has graduated from high school and many will be the first ever in their family to graduate. For our learners, it is crucial to create a focused space that allows for dedicated study time, a distraction-reduced environment and people to call on when they have questions.  

“When I am here [Final Push Matric Camp], I can just focus on studying. I don’t need to worry about chores, cooking or fetching water, I have a desk and light, and I like being with my friends”

BC Matric learner

But this is a marathon, not a sprint. We are aware that our learners have immense pressure, both at home and at school, to pass. Our teachers and staff are working hard to support our learners through these final weeks. We have also started weekly yoga and meditation sessions with the Matrics to help with stress and anxiety. They do a 35-minute physical movement session, followed by an 8-minute breathing meditation.

Matric learner during a meditation session at the Final Push Matric Camp
Matric learner during a yoga session at the Final Push Matric Camp

We are proud of all of our learners as we wrap up our fourth (wow!) school year at Bulungula College. They have worked hard the whole year and will give their best effort on their final exams.