We are thrilled to announce the outstanding matric results achieved by Bulungula College, which is still the first and only high school offering matric within our community.

The Class of 2023 achieved a pass rate of 97.2%, bringing the total number of matrics who have graduated from Bulungula College in the past three years to 99.

Bulungula College maintains its position as the top-performing high school in the Elliotdale District for the second year in a row.

Notably, 17 students secured Bachelor’s Passes in 2023, opening doors for them to pursue bachelor’s degrees, while 15 students achieved Diploma Passes, qualifying them to study towards a diploma at a tertiary education facility.

The long shadow of apartheid still prevents many in the rural areas of the Eastern Cape from accessing quality education. Since its establishment in 2019, Bulungula College has been a beacon of hope for many students in the area. The majority of our students do not have parents with matric certificates and the vast majority of our graduates are the first in their families to matriculate.

One shining example of this journey is Linewu Mukutwana, the top-performing student in the class of 2023. When Bulungula Incubator first met her, she was living with her family in a dilapidated mud hut. Against the odds, Linewu Mukutwana has emerged as a shining star, receiving five distinctions in her matric results.

Linewu’s educational journey began at the Bulungula Incubator’s preschool, Jujuhra Preschool. Bulungula Incubator identified her as a student with potential and granted her a scholarship to attend primary school in Mthatha.

During the first few years of Bulungula College, there was initial reluctance among community members to enrol their children in a new school. However, as we have consistently demonstrated our commitment and impact over the past few years, the response has been remarkable. Our admissions department is currently inundated with applications for the upcoming academic year in 2024. This surge in interest is truly heartening as it reflects the growing trust and confidence we’ve earned within the community.

As we celebrate the success of Bulungula College’s matric results for 2023, we acknowledge the ongoing efforts and dedication of our entire Bulungula Incubator team, teachers, and broader community. Together, we are rewriting the narrative of what’s possible for the youth in the Xhorha Mouth community and beyond.

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