Meet our Bulungula College alumni, now tertiary learners. This extraordinary group is charting a course toward higher education, previously unimaginable in our community where 60% of adults are unable to read or write, and very few have completed secondary education. As the first and only high school in our area, Bulungula College creates pathways for further learning, enabling our young people to discover and fulfil their true potential.

Mthokozisi Mlahlwa

  • Institution: Walter Sisulu University
  • Subject of Study: Bachelor of Education, Senior Phase and FET
  • Advice: “When you are doing grade 12, you have to work hard, love your teachers, and spend most of your time with your books. As a learner, you need to be disciplined, make relationships with your teachers, and do as they say. This is all I would say, I wish them good luck on their matric journey. Thanks.”

Linewu Mukutwana

  • Institution: University of the Western Cape
  • Subject of Study: Nursing
  • Advice: “Do not rest until your GOOD becomes BETTER and your better becomes the BEST. Things will get tough but don’t give in. How your home will be in the near future is seen through you. Perfection and passing with flying colors doesn’t just come about, you have to put in the effort and FOCUS.”

Kwangakonke Baduza

  • Institution: Stellenbosch University
  • Subject of Study: Bachelor of Education, Intermediate Phase
  • Advice: “Fake it until you make it. If you see yourself in varsity, you will be in varsity.”

Ezintle Zintoyinto

  • Institution: Walter Sisulu University
  • Subject of Study: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
  • Advice: “The decision you made or make today are the decisions that you will live with forever. Remember you are here doing grade 12 because you worked hard to get here. Do not forget to continue working hard so that you can earn your matric certificate. Hard work and working smart go hand in hand. You can work as hard as you want, but if you do not work smart, you cannot achieve your goals. WORK HARD & SMART!”

Thabiso Maskoti

  • Institution: University of Johannesburg
  • Subject of Study: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Advice: “Manage Stress and Anxiety (academic pressure, etc). Effective Study Habits (consistency, understand the material, use resources). Start studying well in advance for examinations. Design a study roster and stick to it from day 1. Refine your examination techniques; when you revise, choose questions that will strengthen you in your weaker areas. CONSULT, your teachers are there for you all.”

Siwaphiwe Malima

  • Institution: University of Johannesburg
  • Subject of Study: Bachelor of Arts in Humanities
  • Advice: “The pressure that you’re going through currently is preparing you for a good future and prosperity. Work hard, be disciplined, fight for what you want and always remember that success usually comes to those who are longing and working for it. Don’t ever forget to be prayerful and always remember that God has better plans for you. Good Luck!”

Achumile Siphofana

  • Institution: University of Johannesburg
  • Subject of Study: Bachelor of Education
  • Advice: “Nothing beats hard work. The harder you work, you’ll notice that the more luck you get. Take it easy on yourself but put in that work. It all works out in the end❤️”

Zukisa Mbopheni

  • Institution: Ingwe TVET College, Ngqungqushe Campus
  • Subject of Study: Electrical Engineering
  • Advice: “The advice that I can give a current Grade 12 learner is to balance their subjects by 50% (Level 4) and above, more especially in Mathematics and Languages because the competition in Tertiary now is very high. #All the best on your studies, may the hand of God be upon you🙌🏻 thanks 😊”