“The lodge and Bulungula Incubator have been a boon for the community. Over the years, Bulungula Lodge has attracted more than 130 000 visitors, and BI pulls in funders and partners to support its projects. 

Today, Bulungula is a far cry from the isolated community it was just two decades earlier. The co-founders leveraged their own social capital — their diverse network of relationships — to connect the Bulungula community with people they would never have otherwise met. 

The increased activity to the community not only creates new relationships and expands social networks, but also helps to spread awareness about the area and its challenges. This in turn encourages more people to visit and contribute, creating a positive social feedback loop”

We wrote an op-ed piece with Youth Capital about how Bulungula Lodge and our projects at the BI are strengthening social connectedness in our community.

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