As we finish term one, our Bulungula College 2023 Matrics signify their commitment to their studies at our annual and vibrant ‘Tying the Knot Ceremony’.  

Each learner receives their Matric necktie from their parent or caregiver with the support of the school and community. This ceremony marks a significant moment in the lives of our learners as they prepare for their final push towards graduation. 

Many learners will be the first in their families to graduate from high school, making this moment even more special. Mothers and grandmothers, who did not have the same opportunity themselves, lovingly put the necktie on their children to encourage them to achieve this monumental step.

Learner receiving Matrick necktie, proud moments!

Putting on a necktie is a daily motivation and a visual mark of leadership while at school. It creates a sense of pride, community, and responsibility for the senior learners, preparing them for the next stage of their lives. 

Graduating from high school is transformative in our community, where, before 2021, only about 5% of the population had obtained a Matric certificate. Earning a Matric certificate will open up further learning or training opportunities, increase earning potential, and improve self-esteem and confidence. 

While ending poverty is complex and multifaceted, access to quality education is crucial to breaking the cycle. We believe educated and well-cared-for learners will carry their families out of poverty. Today, we come together and show our support, uniting in their commitment to creating a brighter future. Halala, Class of 2023!!

Check out all the beautiful pics from the ceremony.

2023 Tying the Knot ceremony in one minute… it’s a vibe!