Category: Community champion of the year. The people uplifting, defending and representing ordinary South Africans, often against all odds.

“Working in partnership with the provincial health department, this NGO managed to ensure that all but two of the 200 people over 60 in the remote and rural area of Xhora Mouth in the Eastern Cape got two Pfizer vaccinations”

We are honoured and excited that the Daily Maverick, one of South Africa’s biggest and most trusted news sources, has recognised our efforts in vaccinating our community AND nominated us as “Community Champion of the Year”. Wow, enkos’ kakhulu!!

Check out the full list for Daily Maverick’s people of the year, and vote for the Bulungula Incubator to be THE Community Champion of the Year 🎊

Over 60 year old community members waiting for second Pfizer vaccination at Bulungula Incubator’s Vaccine Outreach Day, 2021.
Community member, who stayed in our Safe Home at the Bulungula Lodge during lockdown in 2020 being vaccinated, 2021.