This year, our Job Skills and Entrepreneurship Programme (JSEP) has expanded to include the exciting provision of paid internship opportunities. In partnership with Nedbank Wildtrust, the JSEP learners have been placed in various internship roles at the BI programmes, including at our Early Childhood Development Centres, Community Health Programme, Sustainable Livelihoods (farming) Programme, the Bulungula Community Radio, and the Bulungula College.

JSEP learners celebrate completion of Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.

Three days of the week, the JSEP learners gain job experience at their internship placements, and two days of the week they attend accredited bridging courses (by TSIBA Ignition Academy) at the Bulungula College, computer literacy courses at our new Bulungula Tech Centre, and driving lessons in preparation to obtain their driver’s licenses. Furthermore, learners have attended a training for Home-based Care at Zithulele Hospital, and participated in the Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp facilitated by the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business, Solution Space.

Sinovuyo, one of our JSEP learners, has been placed at Phaphamani Preschool, training to be an early childhood educator. Due to family issues, she dropped out of school in 2019. Unemployed, and unsure what career path to pursue, Sinovuyo applied and was accepted to the Job Skills Entrepreneurship Programme. She said she had wanted to study nursing, but since starting her internship at Phaphamani, her passion shifted to child care and education. She wants to make a difference in others people’s lives, and believes she can make the most difference for children. She says her internship makes her feel happy and has given her confidence to pursue ECD teaching as a career. She hopes someday to be a teacher at Phaphamani Preschool. 

Sinovuyo, JSEP learner, at her internship placement, Phaphamani Preschool.

In an area where so often people are limited with choice, the opportunity for youth in our community to explore different career paths, gain valuable work experience, and build meaningful job networks, is a monumental achievement.

By partnering with the Bulungula Incubator to support our Job Skills and Entrepreneurship Programme, you can make a meaningful contribution to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE). B-BBEE scorecard points can be earned through support of our programme. For further information, contact Rejane Woodroffe at