Learning through playing is happening twice a week at all sites.

In our 5 playgroup sites the minimum daily attendance is 15 -20 children and there are some sites that their attendance is outstanding where you get 30 children and over.  The children enjoy playing and they will tell you that they are going to school when going to playgroups. They love it.

At the end of the year we gave out 58 certificates for those that will be absorbed in preschools and gift bags for all playgroup children. The aim is to encourage the parents / caregivers to participate and see the importance of making time to play with their children.


Jam porridge is enjoyed by children in playgroups and is another encouragement for playgroup attendance. Their weights are well controlled as the porridge is light because they eat not more than a scoop in a bowl.


This clinic service happens bi- monthly in 2 villages (Nqileni & Mgojweni) also catering for all the surrounding areas. The community is grateful that at least there is accessibility of health care services.

Wellness Wagon

This project is still running well and this year we have helped it expand! We travelled to Coffee Bay and helped train the crew at Sustainable Coffee Bay: It is now also working in schools around that area. The doctors from Zithulele hospital and the nurses support the project mentioning that it will help a lot because hospital can’t reach all the people in need of health care service in the area.

By Bongezwa Sontundu