Silence on the blog again means we have been busy-busy. The lodge has been packed, keeping Dave up and running, and we seem to just have more and more on the go with the Incubator.

The best of the good news is that overwhelming generosity means that our seed funding barometer is full! We are very grateful for each and every donation. This money is what is keeping as afloat at present. It has been, and still is, paying for all the calls, the time, the travel and the meetings, which have enabled us to get a three year project plan and proposal together. We now know that it will cost R 1 676 734.00 provide the school infrastructure, and we expect the whole project to cost in the range of R3,8 million. So, the big search, for the big funding, starts. Please drop Anna an email ( if you would like a copy of the funding proposal. If you would still like to make donations, please feel free to do so, we guarantee that all money will still go towards the project. Other good news on the funding front is that we have already received various commitments:

·         Eskom will provide R150 000’s worth of solar power equipment

·         Food and Trees for Africa is providing us with trees (we are not sure how many yet)

·         We have received R100 000 towards the hall from a private donor

·         A painter is currently visiting us to take photographs of the village children. He will be donating the profits of the sales of a painting to cover the building and furnishing of the grade R classroom

·         Breadline Africa has committed R60 000 to cover the development of a permaculture food garden for the school, as well as the basic kitchen equipment and nutrition training

In addition to these, we are in discussions with various other people with regards to other chunks of funding, including the Department of the Premier.

If we can get commitment for the building costs by May, we will be able to build during this dry season as planned. Right now we are hunting hard for this, and continuing to trudge through the bureaucratic maze we need to walk through in order to get all the permission required. Slowly, slowly things are coming together.