Imagine if, on your way to work this morning, you saw a burning building with a child in it whose life you could save with little cost or risk to yourself. Imagine how you would feel about yourself, how your friends and family would feel about you doing this heroic act. Would you do it – of course you would, no question: save a child’s life with no risk to yourself? Of course. Even there was some risk, many of you would probably take the chance anyway. Our online Mathematics programme, through an excellent learning aid, Mathsbuddy (  is saving our children from floundering in their schooling careers. R150 (USD$10) a month saves one child. Any multiple of this amount will save as many children as you can help. I don’t mean to be making clever arguments here, the analogy is absolutely true, our children’s futures are going up in flames and you can help with practically no impact on your daily life – donate R150 ($10) a month to the programme and we can buy a cheap tablet and provide  a learner with access to the full Mathematics curriculum from Grade 1  to Grade 12. Each child has a unique login so the programme updates in real time to their individual progress. If you would like personal contact with the child or children you enable, we can arrange that. You can receive progress reports and with the online login tracking, we can prove that the children are indeed using the programme and progressing through the curriculum.  You can then see how your money is being spent for good on a regular basis. Give me  call on 0475778908 or email on, if you want more information. You can make a once off donation or a debit order of R150 (S10) per month. We prefer monthly debit orders because then we can budget properly, knowing how much money will come through regularly. Go to Donate & Contact and save a child’s life right now… please.