The afterschool enrichment program for grades 4 through 6 at No’ofisi Senior Primary School is now well into its third term! Over the past few months we’ve explored a range of activities, from puzzles (pictured) to bead-making to sport to English language learning.  We now average perhaps 25 children per week, most of whom attend regularly.  

A particularly exciting recent development has been the addition of Nosihle Zintoyinto (pictured) to the afterschool program team. Nosihle is a member of the local community members who is currently working towards the NQF4 Certificate for Early Childhood Development. Her training has been funded through the BI.  Kate (our Canadian volunteer, who has been running the after-school program at Noofisi since March of this year) has been training Nosihle since the beginning of this school term, and Nosihle will be taking over running the program in the New Year.  She’s been a phenomenal addition to the team, and will bring a lot to the program in the coming year.  

Despite these successes, there are some ongoing challenges. Poor teacher attendance and early dismissal of students continues to be an issue at No’ofisi, and most students –especially those who live far from the school- are not keen to sit around waiting for hours for the after-school program.  Regular attendance of boys is also a real challenge, and one which seems difficult to overcome. Although we have strived to offer a range activities which should appeal to both sexes (puzzles, lego), boys rarely attend except on the special end-of-term days when we watch films such as Planet Earth and Eyewitness Mammal on the satellite TV.  We continue to work towards overcoming these challenges.