Laura and Des make their way back to Bulungula on Monday 16 July.  It’s a week of intense after hours meetings with Dave and Rejane and more time spent with the teachers during the day. Our couple of visits to the school reaffirm the crisis.  We have been unable to get the information we ask for from the teachers that are there.  Unfortunately Sindiswa (the diligent local trainee teacher) is sick and we are unable to see her.  We had hoped to go through training options with her but this will have to wait for a later date.

A good day: 19 July
Wow – we have had a fantastic day:
• Dave Gaynor has sent through initial plans for the school – we like them – a lot! 
• Jul’s dad has met with the incoming Department of Education Chief Director of “Equity in Education”.  This is at the National Government and one of the Directorates under her is “Rural Education”.  We previously sent her a draft of our concept document and she has read the whole thing and would love to chat with us in the near future!
• And most exciting of all:  We have just got through to the District Director’s office (after trying for more than a month) and we have been told that the principal’s position has been advertised.  We are so excited that this has gone through as we were expecting a much longer wait.  We have spoken with the Circuit Manager and organized to get ourselves a copy.  We have also been in touch with our potential principal recruit and she will submit an application. 

proposed school layout

Dave Gaynor’s school designs: view of proposed school from above. 4 pairs of classrooms with watertanks. Staff room and office on the left.

 proposed school classroom

Side view.

Wrapping up
We have worked through many of our initial questions and ideas and have a working document with which to proceed.  We are all happy with progress this far. We have decided to ask Sonja (one of our board members)  if she can advise us on turning our 90 page concept doc into a short and excellent proposal.  We would also like some advice around funding strategies and project managers moving forward.  Rejane and Laura make their way back to Cape Town on Sunday 22 July.  Rejane is working there for the week and Laura is attending an impact evaluation course at the University of Cape Town, and then packing up her life and moving to Joburg for her new job. She is very sad to leave the action but will stay involved as much as possible and ensure continuity with the future programme manager.

Here is the current Concept Document which contains ALL the info gathered so far…  Concept Document

Sonja is busy working with the Concept Document right now to condense it into an appropriate Project Proposal which we will then send out to potential donors.