We are excited to welcome new and returning learners this school year at the Job Skills Programme!

The Bulungula College provides access to quality education for all learners without exclusion. In 2020, in addition to mainstream academia, we piloted our Job Skills Programme (JSP) to offer vocational education and training. The Job Skills Programme partners with TSIBA and Buhle Farming Academy to offer accredited courses in new business ventures, community health work, early childhood development, tourism, relevant rural skills (construction, beauty, automotive, etc.),  and farming entrepreneurial business. In addition, the JSP offers the exciting opportunity to obtain a learners and drivers license— a certification that only a handful of people in our community have. 

After a successful year of running, we are excited for the growth of the programme in 2021. Ntombiza Lingani, the Job Skills Programme Manager, advocates the importance of offering vocational education, and envisions the JSP to be a stand-alone higher education establishment someday. 

“A place for talented and passionate young people to develop their skills and share them with the world whilst earning a living”. – Ntombiza Lingani 

We believe that everyone deserves quality education, and that we can solve the problem of chronic unemployment through the development of local sustainable livelihoods.


We are continually researching options for practical and exciting options that will fulfil the promise of vocations for all. If you would like to partner with our Job Skills Programme, please reach out to info@bulungulaincubator.org

For our South African supporters, by partnering with the Bulungula Incubator to support our Bulungula College, you can make a meaningful contribution to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE). B-BBEE scorecard points can be earned through your support! For more information, please reach out to lynne@bulungulaincubator.org.

Please note: the photo used was taken prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic.