Our Nomakhayas (Home Based Carers) are the backbone of our COVID-19 response. 

Our dedicated Nomakhayas continue to visit homesteads across all four Xhora Mouth villages to conduct COVID-19 screenings, refer sick patients to the local Health Point for testing, disseminate masks, provide health education, and support mental and emotional wellbeing of community members— COVID-19 takes no days off! All the while, Nomakhayas still monitor general health of our community, and facilitate ECD at Home playgroups.  

Playgroups start with children ages 0-3, and aims to support and educate caregivers about the stimulation needs of small children. Through various activities, playgroups promote fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development, and nurturing relationships with caregivers. These home visits also enable assessment and provision of maternal and child health and nutrition. Furthermore, Nomakhayas ensure children have access to social protection (like accessing the social grant), and make sure physical facilities meet health and safety standards. Quality education and care during these formative years is essential to ensure positive outcomes later in life.