Life and the rituals of life carry on in Nqileni village. Over the past few months there have been weddings, an initiation ceremony, and funerals. Two more babies have died as a consequence of diarrhoea.  The Department of Public works has said they are bringing toilets to the village next month, we wait and see.

We are taking our own steps towards bettering the water quality through the Clean Water Project. Ten houses have had canvas guttering erected on the drip line of the thatch around the huts. These households now need to set up the jojo tanks to store the water, and then we will need to organise checks of the water quality.

Things have taken an unexpected turn with the NO-OFISI School Rehabilitation Project . The Premier’s Office and the Department of Education have, it seems, decided to come to the party. We are busy working out terms of reference, but it seems we may be working with them, through ECATU, the Eastern Cape Alternative Technology Unit, in the building of the school. We have raised some funds towards the actual school building, but are still seeking the big money through funders. Anyone with a spare million, or anyone who knows of funders who fund this kind of thing, please do give us a shout. We promise to build an incredible eco-school with it.

Other than money, we are on track for building the school soon. The Department of Public works representative has agreed that with a few minor changes the sketch plans can be approved to be turned into detailed building plans. Our old site was never registered, and for the new site we have collected letters for every authority possible for permission. If we are to start building next month there is a huge amount to be done, but it is all do-able.

If anyone would still like to make contributions towards the school, you are most welcome to do so. All money which comes in does go towards the project. At the moment we are particularly needing funds to cover the costs of Fundani Nonke’s input. Their role in educating the teachers, principal and community members about their rights and responsibilities in regards to the school is absolutely invaluable.