Prior to the opening of Bulungula College, the nearest high school was 30km away, with no affordable transport avaible. Because of the limited access to secondary education, there was a 95% learner drop-out rate after grade 9. With a local unemployment rate of 93%, uncertainty for young people to build dependable livelihoods deepens.

Bulungula College works with parents, teachers, and the Department of Education to strengthen local government feeder schools to ensure that all learners benefit from a quality education and reach theirr full potential. At Bulungula College, we beliebce that educated and well-cared for children will carry families out of poverty and contribute to a thriving South Africa in the Future.

Instead of focusing on academic ability, we have set our admission criteria as the geographical boundary of the Xhora Mouth Administrative Area. This year, in addition to mainstream education certificates, we offer our leaners the option to pursue vocational courses through our Job Skills Programme. The Job Skills Programme focuses in four focus areas: Skill Development, Practical Experience, Conversational English, and Community Projects.

Our learners have jumped right in and have learned so much already!!

Practicing touch typing and computer literacy skills

Over the past three weeks we have…

    • Learned professional etiquette (shaking hands, eye contact, confident body posture and voice)
    • Set up personal email addresses, practiced composing and sending emails
    • Started studying for our learners license for driving— and practiced with our cars (…well, toy cars that is…)
    • Planned the Bulungula College tour for guests (come visit us and get the grand tour by JSP learners!!)
    • Planned, practiced, and performed DJ radio show at the local radio station!!
    • Took lessons and practiced touch typing skills
    • Took photography lesson, learned to use a camera, and began taking school portraits for BC student ID cards!!
    • Learned how to use world wide web (and how to use dependable and trustworthy search engines)
    • Learned how to check a book out at the school library, and chose a book to read
    • Researched for a project of interest— chose a person in the world we admire!
    • Practiced yoga
    • Learned a new card game with our German community volunteers, Chiara and Tristan
    • Watched and reviewed an episode of Planet Earth II
    • Journaled daily
    • Shared a daily devotion
    • Watched a daily TedEd talk

Driving our cars and studying road sign for our learners license!

WOW!! We are so excited to continue our programme to strengthen our skills and build experience to go on to work successful and wholesome careers!!

To learn more or find out how to support the Bulungula College Job Skills Programme, please contact Rejane Woodroofe at