This year the Bulungula College will graduate its first ever Grade 12 class. In 2019, the Bulungula College opened its doors to grade 10 learners in the Xhora Mouth Administrative Area. Prior to opening, there was no high school in the area, and no functioning scholar transport to other high schools or colleges. As a result, 95% of learners from our communities were unable to complete grade 12.

Reaching this milestone is profoundly significant to our community. Our 2021 Matriculants are trailblazers who are making history and modelling excellence in education for future generations. This opportunity, of course, comes with great responsibility. To signify and reinforce learner commitment, the Bulungula College held a Tying the Knot Ceremony for our Matrics. Each learner shared their life-motto and was given their Matric tie by a parent or caregiver, who encouraged them to finish their studies strong. The ceremony was deeply emotional, and served as motivation to succeed in the arduous journey of obtaining a high school diploma.

We are very proud of our Matric learners. We believe educated and well-cared for children will carry families out of poverty and contribute to a thriving South Africa.

Bulungula College learner receiving her Matric tie