In March, after the announcement of the National Lockdown by President Cyril Ramaphosa, the Bulungula Incubator acted quickly to create a central Safe Home Venue for the elderly in our community, at the Bulungula Lodge (Read more here).

Informational poster on how to protect elderly within a rural homestead

Our Safe Home has been a secure place since March, and continues to run and care for elderly in our community. However, in order to keep it safe, there is a strict no entry/re-entry policy. Unfortunately, the Safe Home Venue at the Bulunugula Lodge is limited to only those who entered at the start of Lockdown. In order to protect and reach more people at risk in our community, we have shifted gears to educate people on how to create a Safe Home within their homestead. We are disseminating the information through video, posters, and broadcasting at the Bulungula Community Radio. Additionally, the BI is incentivising community members to create these safe homes by providing participants with necessary home goods such as bleach, soap, toilet paper, paraffin stove, masks, and more.

Since the Xhora Mouth community is remotely located with limited access to healthcare and treatment, it is imperative to focus our efforts on prevention in order to keep our community healthy!