The Bulungula Homestay project is in full swing now. We have been working with the Olo & Nodanga families in the area of Nqileni Village called Dingata. They live close to the Xhora River, which makes it both a picturesque setting as well as it adding to this area’s share in benefit from tourism.


The Hut at the Olo Homestead


The Siyakhula sewing group in our village is close to finished sewing the bedding,

Keeping it local by having the the beds & bedding made in our village


and Soteyisi is designing & building the shower & toilet.

Soteyisi Jakatyana, a locally trained man working on the the toilet structure


In addition to setting up the two huts, we visited a neighbouring village to set up a restaurant serving traditional food for our guests to enjoy after a scenic guided hike. This way we can spread the love a little. Mama Noameni from Folokwe is a lovely lady and it looks like her home will be the perfect place.

Our guests can do a beautiful hike and have lunch with Mama Noameni in Folokwe




In late October, a representative from each of the 2 homesteads went on a trip to meet other successful homestay operators in the area. We visited the Siyephu family close to Zithulele with the help of Roger, who has been supporting the community the area in many ways. Johan from Mdumbi’s Transcape hooked us up with Mama Nowethu from Ngqeleni who was originally part of the EU project aimed at developing a Wild Coast hiking trail. She now hosts hikers doing the Port St John’s to Coffee Bay trail.

Hearing it from the experts, our Mama's got some ideas in Zithulele

Sound advice from Mama Nowethu near Mdumbi

We all learnt a lot and the trip gave everyone solid base from which to set up our homestay project successfully. The hot topics discussed were managing a homestay, guests relations and financial planning.

Both Homesteads boast a spectacular view of the Xhora River & the Indian ocean



Our website will be up soon. Watch this space!


We are in the process of getting the infrastructure in place,while at the same time working through hospitality concepts necessary to be understood for a successful homestay.