Just last month we hosted some of the Hex team (Hexagonal) who are working on the Bulungula Incubator’s online database.  We currently collect a lot of data about our community.  For example, population size, gender, weight at birth, born at home/at the clinic, HIV rates, TB rates, chronic conditions, treatment adherence, breastfeeding rates, malnutrition, attendance at workshops/ playgroups/preschool/afterschool programmes and/or our programmes at the Primary Schools etc.

We want to be able to evaluate our data easily, quickly and effectively. We want to know what interventions are working and what’s not working and what areas need more attention (we are even including a GIS system!). We want to be alerted when a three year old is not in an ECD centre or when a 7 year old is not yet in school.  And when we have successful interventions, we will be able to produce quick data visualisation tools that will enable us to share successes in an easy and accessible way.

This will soon revolutionise how we do monitoring and evaluation and will provide a surfeit of opportunities to evaluate our work for use across a broader scope for the benefit of other communities such as ours. We are very exited about working with Hexagonal and it was wonderful to host the Hex team here in Bulungula.