This is Where It's At

Since the Bulungula Homestay has been operational (1 week) it has had a total 6 guests! Our toilets are ready,

(out-) House by the Sea

the shower is operational

"... our Luxurious Ablutions are right this way, ma'am..."

and the families and the BI are excited & happy that all their hard work has paid off! Literally! The locations are really just perfect

The Olo Homestead

and more and more the realisation sinks in that the two families that volunteered for this project are really perfect for it.

Picture Perfect Kraal

Bomkazi, the Bulungula Homestay community co-ordinator, has been taking reservations, making sure that guests get settled in and also offering a guided trips to a neighbouring village for a traditional Xhosa lunch and some interesting local activities.

Walk to Folokwe with Bomkazi

Thanks to our first guests for their support, great comments & loving & constructive advice and well done to everyone involved in the setting up!

is ready!

come over and check it out for yourself!