Immunization at Jujurha

Jujurha Preschool has become a regular immunization centre for the Nqileni children. Nurses from the Primary Health Care clinics let us know when the usual vaccination is due and then visit Jujurha, where during school terms, 60 children can be vaccinated at once. Even during school holidays, Jujurha still functions as an immunization centre as it is … READ MORE

Mentor Mothers training for our caregivers

For two weeks our home based caregivers attended the Mentor Mothers training which is part of the Philani outreach programme. The Philani Health and Nutrition Project is a community-based non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to the protection of the rights of every child to proper nutrition and healthcare in communities where malnourished children and destitute mothers … READ MORE

Folokhwe Health & Sports Day

Our monthly Health and Sports Day was held in Folokhwe this month with the goal to increase HIV/AIDS awareness and testing through participation in sports and games. We were really hopeful to get some youth tested as it was during school holiday. Despite the misfortunes, delays and strong wind people arrived and joined the queue to … READ MORE