It’s not just Spring that arrives in September – our annual visit from CedarHouse School always brings a unique burst of energy and enthusiasm to Bulungula! This year they brought visitors from a school in New Orleans with which they have an exchange programme, and the children of Nqileni were the happy participants in a range of activities which Cedar House had planned for them. Although the arrangements for a variety of stimulating lessons had been arranged weeks in advance at No-ofisi School, very few children were present   (and only 2 teachers, who promptly left). Fortunately, what we lacked in numbers we made up for in enthusiasm, and a great time was had by all. For the No-ofisi children, it was all about happy interaction with these friendly strangers who gave them encouragement and individual attention while guiding them through the fun activities. For our visitors it was enjoyment tempered by the realisation of the inequality of educational opportunity for so many bright and eager children living in marginalized rural communities.

Twenty kg of clay was brought all the way from Cape Town and turned into houses, kraals, animals, numbers….

Sock puppets brought out creative ideas and some weird and wonderful results!

These butterflies created a beautiful mobile for the community hall