Our good friend Emily, an Occupational Therapist from Madweleni Hospital, paid us a visit to share information on antenatal/postnatal development and diabetes to our caregivers.   Since our caregivers are currently away at training in Mthatha, Emily spoke with a few members of the community about their health concerns.  Top on the list:  arthritis and diabetes.

Emily leads a small group discussion on health

Emily spent the afternoon with the villagers teaching them ways to improve their health.  As she explained the symptoms of diabetes and hypertension the villagers realized those were the very ailments they were suffering from.

The villagers realized they were showing early signs of diabetes

The importance of proper diet and exercise were stressed and the villagers were invited to attend the exercise classes facilitated by the caregivers once they return from training.  It was great having Emily here and we look forward to her next visit!

Thanks for the Health talk!