The After School Program has introduced the children to the board game of strategic conquest, Chess!  As many of the children were unfamiliar with board games, not even knowing how to play checkers, it was a slow process explaining all the different pieces and how they move on the board, and then teaching the basic tactics of the game.  Once the kids started playing their first game they excitedly captured each others pieces as they became more familiar with the rules of the game.

The After School Programme kids try out chess for the first time!


Enjoying their first game!

For all you chess players out there, it was very exciting to witness a girl favor her knight and move it into a position that forked her opponents King and Queen!  And in her first chess game ever!

Hopefully the kids are interested to learn more about chess and keep playing.  Chess is a very valuable game for young kids to play as it encourages planning, strategy, critical thinking and is something boys and girls of all ages can share together.

Deep in thought…


Reminding the players that a King can only move one square at a time