As always, we are involved in negotiations with every government representative on the block (and with all those from the surrounding neighbourhoods). This, and the interminable search for funds keeps us busy. We have decided, though, that even though we only have a fraction of the R1,9 million needed to build the whole school, we are going to move into the implementation phase. The dry season is already upon us (something which doesn’t feel strictly true as I sit by the fire on a drip-dripping day), and we need to bricks while the sun shines and so even though we only have a fraction of the R1,9 million needed to build the whole school we have decided to take the bull by the horns, and simply get going on the construction.

We are currently assessing our resources carefully. We have a small amount in the kitty from our (and your) general fundraising efforts. We will start small, and build what we can. The more money we raise as we go, the more school we build. Any and all donations which come through now will go straight towards infrastructure provision. I will keep a visual representation of our fundraising and building progress on the site, do keep an eye open. The hope is that by the time the dry season is finished (about October) we will have at least half the school built, this half being the classrooms, the hall, the grade R rondavel, and the toilets. I ave attached the draft plans here. There are still quite a few things which will change, but they give an idea of what we are thinking and where we are going.

Latest building plans

We will also be developing the football pitch. This may seem like a strange thing to start with, but it is a wonderful gift from Jim and Lee Avery, who asked for their wedding presents to be donations towards this. The Danger Bullets (our local football team) and learners will soon have a soccer field of note. We are really happy that the girls at the school have made clear that they will to be using the field, too.

Anna Parsons and Karen Kievit also asked that their wedding gifts be donations towards the NO-OFISI school. Their, and all their friends’, generous contribution will be going stright into the infrastructure, most likely into the construction of the school hall. Happy and long lives in partnership to you all! Anyone else out there keen on getting married? We rather like this…