A recent visit by Crosby Menzies of Sunfire (www.sunfire.co.za) to the Bulungula Lodge led to some environmentally friendly and quite novel additions to our Nutrition programme. Crosby had loaded his Landy with a few Sunfire Solar Cookers that proved to work just brilliantly in our sunny Bulungula weather. He arrived just in time for us to treat voters to some sun-boiled tea on Local Elections Day. The tea went down very well with several community members asking Crosby about payment plans for getting one.

Dave & Crosby setting up

Sunfired tea at the Local Elections

We tried one out at the Early Learning Centre and are looking forward to saving a packet on our gas budget. Because we have a different mother cooking everyday at the Preschool, the experience with the cooker will reach a large number of community members very quickly. Sunfire have agreed to drastically discounted prices for community members in the effort to reduce the use of wood from the indigenous forests and, of course, to do our bit in the struggle against global carbon emissions.

Sunfire also make nifty sunbags (hotboxes) that insulate pots while cooking, thereby cutting down the amount of cooking fuel needed. It’s a completely new design that we may be able to make very cheaply here, helping that indigenous forest mission along even further!

A welcome addition to our Nutrition Programme at the ELC