Visiting one household the other day I saw the 4 children’s gardens next to each other and a general wander around the village shows that there are lots of kid’s gardens looking good. This is a satisfying sign that the Kid’s Gardening Competition is working just as it should. Last years winner, Myberg, is now staking his tomatoes, which is a first in the competition’s history and is definitely going to give him an edge.

My work, which resumed in January this year, is going well. The nursery is looking good and the garden is poised to become massively productive. It was standing still and water-logged when I arrived, and needed some serious attention. The lack of drainage was a huge stumbling block this summer, which effectively drowned a 100 square meter plot of vegetables. We have now raised, drained and planted two of the four plots.


We are starting to see a picture of abundance, the tomatoes are staked and fruiting, there are baby marrows and we are going to harvest some lettuce today, so we are already seeing a financial result. Butternuts are forming – and being stung by wasps just as quickly! There is coriander and rocket under way. The potatoes are not sprouting well yet, but the sweet potatoes are looking amazing. The cucumbers are looking good, but we’ve yet to see flowers. The onions are already forming white bulbs and the beetroot are swelling. We’ve been making 20 litre buckets of chilli tea to pour onto the plants to keep the bugs away and the cauliflowers, which are usually instantly munched, are still there, which I take as a good sign. Nothembile is happy with her garden
The training sessions are almost complete, except for two follow up weeks in a few months time. The goal of introducing visual planting guides have been introduced and are being followed, and it seems our production levels are up nicely. This last week will be spent planting the third bed. Preparing this for planting has involved massive earth works, moving soil from a drainage ditch onto the plot to raise it and further our drainage cause. There are many people on site at the moment helping the work along. Right now I am on my way to fetch some string, so that we can perfect the gradient of the ditch.