As part of the Health and Nutrition project, the Bulungula Incubator funds a deworming programme that takes place twice per year and is implemented in all  four pre-schools. All children and staff take a single-dose pill to prevent and treat any existing worm infections. This time a total of 157 people were treated. As is well known, soil-transmitted worms are common infections in developing countries that impair the nutritional status of the people they infect. This nutritional impairment is recognized to have a significant impact on growth and physical development and in order to reduce the worm burden, the Bulungula Incubator implemented this biannual deworming of all children in the preschools (as recommended by the World Health Organisation). Deworming improves appetite, physical fitness and the health of the children and as a consequence their school attendance and all-round development.


Children from Khanyisa Preschool queueing for their pills


Grade R learners at Jujurha learning what deworming is before taking the pill


Deworming at Masiphathisane Preschool