In 2017 the Bulungula Incubator participated in a launch of the ELOM (Early Learning Outcomes Measures (ELOM) produced by Innovation Edge. The purpose of the tool is to assess the effectiveness of an Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme and curriculum for children aged 50-59 months and 60-69 months. The monitoring tool assesses all developmental aspects and milestones of a programme: gross motor, fine motor, emergent numeracy and mathematics, cognition and executive functioning, and emergent literacy and language. The tools allows LL aspects of an ECD programme to be assessed towards ensuring that it is optimised for children to transition into Grade R. In February this year, one of the Bulungula Incubator ECD practitioners who were trained in the tool, were contracted to assist with the assessments of 15 preschools in the Queenstown area. The measure provides the first complete and standardised ECD programme assessment for the sector.

IMG_20171018_105830 small

ELOM assessment in action