Our new project, ECD @ home,  funded by the Starfish Foundation, aims to involve parents in the Early Childhood Development of their babies starting from the crucial first days of the child’s life. The plan is first to train our home-based carers in ECD for children aged 0-3 years. They will then train the parents when delivering the age appropriate toys to the households. A 3-day workshop for our caregivers took place in July during which Karen, our good friend from the US, taught them about different stages of development and how to encourage it. For babies 0-12 months old, a baby mat was shown to be one of the most appropriate tools as the toys hanging above the babies stimulate them to exercise neck and tummy muscles. The importance of talking to children was stressed and later on the use of sounds and language together with showing pictures to help them develop intellectually. Then different toys and their purpose was explained, such as puzzles, shape sorters and objects with bright colours. Our caregivers are eager to show the parents everything they have learnt and to start delivering the toys to the households.


Finger puppets and story telling


Using a book with pictures to show objects and tell stories