Our collaboration with the Philani outreach programme continues to grow strong with the training exchange that began this month. Jujurha Pre-school principal, Funeka, together with the Education Programme Manager, Lindiwe, spent a week at Zithulele hospital training the Mentor Mothers (MM) on Early Childhood Develpoment (ECD).



They started by explaining what ECD is, why it is important for the child and how children learn. They continued with detailed techniques the Mentor Mothers can use to facilitate learning for individual, small and big groups of children.

Next they talked about behaviour management, the role of the parents, guidelines when disciplining children and the value of play groups. An important aspect of the training was the understanding of children’s rights and responsibilities, ways to create a safe and secure environment for them and a daily schedule.


Study groups

Finally, they stressed the importance of play and ways the MM can assist constructive play with different toys for different ages and developmentental areas. They introduced the use of toys and various learning materials to develop the child’s skills while having fun at the same time – which is something the MM definitely seem to have had during this week of excellent ECD training!


Demonstrating the use of toys