Do you remember Siyamthanda? We are proud to announce that she has graduated from our Job Skills and Entrepreneurship Programme (JSEP), and secured a full-time, permanent job in our community.

As a five-year-old, Siyamthanda was part of Jujurha ECD centre’s inaugural class in 2009. Throughout her formative years, she grew in tandem with our projects, taking online Maths and English lessons with iiTablet Tshomiz, receiving health care from our community health point and Nomakhayas, participating in netball tournaments and graduating from Bulungula College—the first in her family to earn a Matric certificate. Most recently, she finished a year of accredited courses and an internship with our Job Skills and Entrepreneurship Programme.

Through our network, Siyamthanda was connected with Viva con Agua, a nonprofit organisation running projects in our community. She applied and was offered the position as a WASH coach, where she will teach children at government schools the importance of sanitation and hygiene through fun activities like sports and art. She will be based in our community, keeping her valuable skills local and inspiring the next generation as a role model.

Siyamthanda’s parents, who were unable to finish primary school themselves, now witness their daughter’s remarkable achievements with pride. 

We are yet to see the eradication of poverty in our community. But today, we are seeing young people, like Siyamthanda, find their vocations having grown up through our ‘preconception-to-career’ programme. Siyamthanda’s journey serves as an important reminder that transformational change takes time and commitment, but it is possible.

Siyamthanda’s mother dressing her daughter during the Job Skills and Entrepreneurship Programme graduation, May 2023.

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