Over the end of April long weekend we participated in a Dental Outreach by Vision Medical Suites (VMS). VMS is a team of incredibly dedicated medical professionals from Cape Town who pulled off quite a feat bringing highly specialised and technical dental services to our remote rural area. The dental services provided were specially for people with disabilities and barriers to access to dental care because they require sedation in order to receive dental care. Over the April long weekend 45 professionals traveled all the way to the Eastern Cape suffering through our terrible roads. The Bulungula Incubator was one of the partners that worked with VMS in identifying and booking 250 patients to benefit from the event. Patients received expert care under conscious sedation, with general anesthetic or without local anesthetic for a range of services including fillings, extractions, polishing and cleaning, removal of teeth, removal of roots, and fissure sealants. The logistics pulled off to make this Outreach Event successful was impressive. In addition to providing us with a level of dental care never before received, for the most vulnerable and underserved in our communities, the team also distributed healthcare goodie bags and blankets 🙂 We look forward to future partnerships with VMS!