Special moments, the beautiful scenery of Nqileni, the vibrant colours of the village events and the ‘I was there moments’ will not be easily forgotten as Nqileni has its own ‘paparazzi’ to preserve the memories. Zamile Dyubhele, also known by his indoda (man) name Vuluzuko, is the young man responsible for keeping Nqileni’s memories fresh in peoples’ minds through his photographs. Equipped with a digital camera, long lasting rechargeable batteries and a portable photograph printer, Zamile has all the resources needed to photograph and develop photographs without having to make the long (and bumpy) ride to town.

Zamile Dyubhele, the Nqileni photographer

Before Zamile had the means to develop photos, Nqileni villagers had to wait and hope that a photographer from Mthatha or Elliotdale would visit the village and photograph them. If, by luck, the photographer does visit the village and photograph people, then there would be a second waiting period for the developed photographs to be brought back to the village. However, with the presence of Zamile, the wait has been reduced to…..well…minutes.

Zamile’s creations

Zamile’s energetic, social and lively nature has certainly helped his business profile as he is always present at all the ‘happening’ places such as parties, imigidi (Xhosa initiates’ welcoming ceremonies), weddings and sports. More importantly, Zamile loves and enjoys his occupation. He had this to say; “Hayi uyabona, andizuphinda ndibheke e Grabouw ezi apileni. Ndizawhlala apha elalini ndifote” (I have no reason to go back to the apple harvesting jobs in Grabouw. I will stay here in the village and keep on photographing)