Our monthly Health and Sports Day was held in Folokhwe this month with the goal to increase HIV/AIDS awareness and testing through participation in sports and games. We were really hopeful to get some youth tested as it was during school holiday. Despite the misfortunes, delays and strong wind people arrived and joined the queue to get tested. It seems that people get more and more aware of the importance of testing and willing to get tested.


While they sat waiting, Khuselo talked about the importance of clean water and protection of springs and Erofili about life after being tested for HIV and gave tips for people living with HIV/AIDS in order to stay strong and healthy. The CWP workers offered some valuable help with carrying stuff, cooking and serving people, while they are an important asset during games and sports.

People who got tested could sign up for the games and the raffle for winning soccer shoes and other clothing items, a hamper with goodies like samp, cooking oil, maize etc. We had 60 people tested in total and more wanted to but unfortunately the nurses had to go. The games started with the bucket race and tug of war, then netball and finally soccer.


Bucket race


Tug or war. The ladies were very competitive and enthusiastic!

The CWP workers were the winners of the day as they won 3 out of 4 games.



There was a draw in the bucket race (CWP vs community 1-1), a win in the tug of war (CWP vs community 2-0), a win in the netball game (CWP vs community 4-1) and a win in the soccer game (CWP vs community 3-1).



The prize was a sheep and it was slaughtered to be cooked and eaten at the end of the day.


Victory for CWP team!


Winner of soccer shoes.


Winner of the hamper

It seems that Health Days made people less scared about HIV testing and it is really important to get the nurses earlier on the spot so everyone who wants to gets tested. We had more youth participation this time but less men than women got tested.