10 October: The relative silence on our blog has been due to a change of hands. Laura and Julia have both had to move on to other things, though they continue to be involved as helping hands, and for the first time someone (me, Anna) has been employed to work full time taking the project forward.  Having recently arrived back in South Africa after a 10 month stint away, largely in Brazil (though also in Germany and Portugal), I arrived in Bulungula 12 days ago thinking I would have a look around and then discuss with Dave whether I would take on this job. Somehow once I was here the discussion did not seem pertinent. So here I am, diving in head first, and pledging to keep the blog updated. (For any of you who would like to contact me, my email address is anna@bulungulaincubator.org) 

Right now, here is where we are at: 

We are getting a principal! The local DOE circuit manager, Mr Qendu has been fantastically proactive in working to change the “orphan” status of our school. The School Governing Body met with him last week, and we selected a selection committee who will do the interviews with Mr Qendu this Thursday. We should definitely have a new principal by the start of the 2008 school year.  

We are working hard at securing our seed funding so that we have the finances to move forward. I’ve made some minor amendments to the Seed Funding Proposal. View the proposal here: Seed funding proposal. Our paygate payment system is just about up and running, so making donations from overseas should be cheap and easy soon. Our other big focus at the moment is getting our school building and we’re getting some fantastic, innovative architects to climb on board with us. We’re also working on getting our School Governing Body organised and effective so that when the new principal arrives s/he has a strong community partnership already in place.

Generally, we’re on the move…