Rich soil, enough water and lots of hard work on the part of our gardeners: the perfect recipe for a productive, organic vegetable garden! The Jujurha Preschool children have enjoyed  giant bananas produced in sufficient quantities to give them a whole banana each – what a feast! Every day Thembekile and Nomphumzile pick fresh spinach, carrots, beetroot and parsley for themiddaymeal and soon there’ll be onions, cabbages and butternuts. When we recently moved the Jujurha Education Centre boundary fence, it not only gave the children extra space in the playground but it gave our garden manager, Thabang, the opportunity to start a new garden in a sunny corner. Thanks to Breadline Africa who fund our gardens, ensuring that nearly 200 hungry children in Nqileni village enjoy the benefits of fresh organic vegetables every school day.

Thembekile harvests the first giant bunch of bananas

Filling the basket for delivery to the mothers on cooking duty in the kitchen