Nomzingisi and her dedicated team of Community Care Workers have made another small intervention with a big impact. Nomzingisi helps scores of community members every day to access social grants, pension fund payments and report relevant cases to social workers along with providing support in solving a range of other household difficulties. While this work is important and life changing for the people they assist, it’s not always exciting to blog about 🙂

But this week, they did something very heartwarming: with the medical staff from Madwaleni Hospital, Nomzingisi and team helped 2 community members from Tshezi Village to get mobile.

Bonani who was born with mental and physical disabilities at his home with Emily, the physiotherapist

Because Bonani was unable to travel, Nomzingisi and her team missioned to Madwaleni Hospital (a full days’ travel) and explained the problem to Emily, the physiotherapist. Emily immediately offered to visit Bonani and brought two wheelchairs, one that would enable him to sit comfortably during the day and move around his hut and another for travelling outside, around his village.

Bonani's Mother and Nomzingisi (far right) offload the wheelchairs

There was an eruption of  joy at the arrival of the wheelchairs, just a week after Nomzingisi’s visit to the hospital.

Bonani, very happy, trying out his new outdoor 4x4 vehicle 🙂

While they were at it, Nomzingisi, thought she’d try to give an old man a new lease on life. Utat’ Mdeni has badly swollen legs and finds it difficult to move around. The hospital staff visited him after they had been to see Bonani and with medication and his new wheelchair, his quality of life has been improved significantly.

An old man gets a new lease on life

Keep up the good work Nomzingisi and team!